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deserie castro
Name deserie castro
Location west covina, calif
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Hobbies watching the Ellen show,Ellen is part of my physical therapy.she does not know this, but she has helped me walk again..thank you Ellen.
About Me Well i have a disability and i am limited on some things.the word ""i cant" is not exceptable to me.i wish one day i can show ellen how far and how much faster she helped me to recover.when doctors were saying you ellen
deserie castro
Message from Ellen
549 days ago

The kids and I truly adore you,we hope that you have a wonderful,blessed birthday.Please try to make this one of the best day of your life,I say one of them,because you have so much wonderful memories.So make this one, just as good.You deserve it.Ellen my birthday wish to you is to show you how you have helped me recover and walk have and still are part of my every day physical therapy,and I love it...I don't know when ,but I believe one day I will be able to show you,,,love you Ellen.Thank you so much:)Happy Happy Bitrhday..enjoy,have fun,take care and God Bless.................