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Dennise Lasher
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260 days ago

My 12yr old niece has to have Scoliosis surgery on December 12th and will be bedridden for quite a while. This amazing kid refuses to feel sorry for herself and decided that her back can be fixed but there are some kids that have illnesses that can't. Faith decided that she would like to adopt a Family for Christmas this year and chose a Family with a 4yr old little boy w/cancer and his 6yr old Brother. Faith received the little one's Christmas wish list and decided she didn't want to get just one or two things on their list, it's her mission to get them everything of their list.

Her plan of action was to send her Family a letter in the mail describing what she wanted to do and she called it, "Pay it Forward with Faith". She asked if we would all participate and get back to her as soon as possible because she wants to accomplish this before she goes in for surgery.

Faith is a very shy girl and extremely kind and she doesn't want this Family to know that she will be the one that will make their Christmas special. She is just an amazing and self-less girl and we are all so Proud of her. Like her Mom Susie said, Faith knows exactly why she's here. Since I can't attach the letter, I'm just going to copy the contents so you can see for yourself how great she is:)
As some of you may know by now, I have been scheduled for my scoliosis surgery this December 12th. I know you will all keep me in your daily prayers. My Dad & Mom’s faith is what brought me into this world and I have been blessed with a loving family and being very healthy, aside from having a bad back. My back can be fixed, but there are kids that have illnesses that cannot be fixed. This is where you all come in.
During the month of November, I am asking you all for a favor. I know each of us has been blessed with so many good things and I am asking you to pay it forward. I will be soliciting donations of gift cards, toys or money (to use to purchase toys) for 2 specific children from Emmanuel Cancer Foundation. The first is a 4 year old boy who was diagnosed with cancer. The other is his 6 year old brother. I have my brother Joshua and cannot imagine my life without him. We fight sometimes (A LOT!) but I love him with all my heart! These 2 kids wrote out their Christmas wish lists hoping Santa would get them some of the toys on their lists. I would like to get them ALL of the toys they wished for!
I will be doing all of the shopping myself, with the help of my Dad and Mom (or any of you!) to take me to the stores. My surgery will be here before you know it & I can’t get out of bed for a while, but I want to do this before my surgery. Their lists are big but I know I can do it! I have faith in every one of you! Any small donation will help and I am grateful to every one of you for helping me. If you cannot help this time, I am asking you to please keep this 4 year old boy, his brother and the rest of his family in your daily prayers. God answers our prayers. I want to make this the most special Christmas ever for him! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Pay it forward with Faith!!!