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Dennis Grippo
Name Dennis Grippo
Location Fair Lawn, NJ
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Hobbies gourmet cooking which includes a lot of vegan dishes! My tried and true is my Italian style pasta sauce!
About Me My home is located about ten miles west of NYC. I grew up in Ridgefield which is located at the northern end of the infamous NJ turnpike! I got a purple heart for driving every weekend when I was stationed at Ft Dix. Many years ago during the unpopular Vietnam war and thank god, actually thank my first sargeant, becase of him I got to stay in NJ for one and a half years then to beautiful Germany for six months! After which I was discharged, honorably of course! The past ten years have been bad health wise, somehow inexplicably I got peripheral neuropathy and no I am not diabetic, the neurologist said I am the 40% that get for no apparent reason. If you are familiar, it is very painful and I am literally running out of drugs that work! During one of many trips to the ER, Morphine had no effect! Another thing, there is very research on this illness since it is not up ther with the big C! Ellen, I watch you every day , I know how you help people and I could use some, like a car that has hand controls since there is no feeling in my toes so I cannot drive a conventional vehicle. I can no longer work so money is tight I am on SS. Thank you and Happy Birthday!
Dennis Grippo
Mel B on a Spice Girls Reunion
312 days ago

Mel B is one of the reasons I watch AGT! Love that accent and it adds to sexiness. To coin her phrase "you are spot on"!