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Denmark C. Tiano
Name Denmark C. Tiano
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Hobbies Writing, drawing, answering questions in Yahoo!Answers, reading books
About Me I'm 19, about to graduate college this March (hopefully). Studying to get a Bachelors degree to Information Technology. I pretty much live a boring life.
Denmark C. Tiano
Jen Aniston's Ellen Scare Fail
460 days ago

Dear Ellen,

I saw this on... well... youtube... where else would the link lead you?

Also saw "Ellen Season1 : Episode 1" where you sang Build Me Up Buttercup :D

Denmark C. Tiano
The Halloween Show
630 days ago

*Actually watching the replay of the episode on TV right now since I missed it last night.

Hey Ellen,
I noticed that you've got a lot of "Survivor of the Day".
Why not make a special survivor episode where everyone in the audience is from your "Survivor of the Day" post?
But then you couldn't call it "The Survivor Episode" because people might just think your guest are from the show Survivor.
Anyway, thanks for brightening up my day.
Your show is very inspiring and your voice saying "Be kind to one another" has grown stuck to my head like the theme song of The Big Bang Theory.
I'm not sure if it's wrong to mention other shows in my comments so I apologize if it really is wrong to do so.