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Denise Zinger
Name Denise Zinger
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Hobbies Swimming, biking,hanging out with my family first and then with mt friend's playing with my dog's Watch the Ellen show
About Me I am a very nice and caring person. Love to watch Ellen, keeps me laughing and happy, when iam trying to get through this hard time that me and my family are going through
Denise Zinger
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584 days ago

I love watching Eleen, the 12 day prizes were the best yet. Merry Christmas and a bless new year. Love to all.

Denise Zinger
Message from Ellen
622 days ago

Hi Eleen,Firs't of all i love you, you make me laugh and happy when iam sad. I try to have a posstive outlook on thing's it;s tough when thing's keep going wrong. I have my faith in God that he will get us threw this.I know it is in God timing not in our time. My husband and i filed a chapter 13 to save our home back in 2006.My husband got his hour's cut and i got hurt at work, Iam a server, i was making 400-500 $ a week in a fine dining restaurant. So i went on work comp to get 164$ every two week's. We thought that would help us by doing the chapter 13 to only find out when it was closed by the trustee and our attorney.It was paid in full expect futher payment's then the morgage company still thought we owe them 17,000$. I did everything i could do sent them all the closing paper's and talk to them on the phone, they said we still owe them that amount, and we had to pay it or we would be forclose. Well we did'nt have the money so we stop making payment's. No one would help us to convince them it was closed not even the attorney that help us filed the chapter 13, he wanted 500$ a hour, we could'nt afford that.The trustee said to talk to our attorney, her hand's were tied since she had close it.So we stop making our payment's and now they are saying we owe them 27,000$, the crazy thing is they still think were in the chapter 13. We know it is a matter of time for them to forclose on us, We been trying to save money but when we get some save something happen's, ny vechile is a 2000 ford with over 200,000 miles with a rebuilt engine so we are always putty money in it,Then i was in a accident in a strom it was raining so hard i could'nt see i thought i was turning on my street the road was so fludded i hit another car.Thank God no one was hurt. We could'nt afford to get the bumper fixed, so we fix it enough to get it running again. The gear's we mess up durning the accident so every time i park i have to use the emerency brake or it will roll back, if iam on and slanted parking spot it won't work so i have to move till i find a flat one. The windsheild is crack on both side's the left one is getting worse it is in my driving view.My daughter is 17 and is a very good girl, but is scared to drive my car because of the gear problem. She has been trying to save for year's to buy her own car, but she just work's part time and it seem's in possible for her to even try to get enough money cause she alway's want's to help us, we don't let her, but she will put gas in my husband's car without us knowing it. His car is a 2002 and we just had to put tire's on it and do some other work on it. So like i said every time we try to save something goes wrong. We can't get a morgage because of our situation, we could get a land contract but they want 30-40 thousand down. if we took it out of my husband 401 k we would have to make payment's every week that's not the bad part it his retirement money, he would never be able to retire, if we took a loan on it It does'nt seem fare to him,that's why i do want to do it.Were in our 50's and our stuck in this rut. I lost my job because they said i was to old to keep up, i did keep up, but they want young hot girl's so that is who he hired. I have applied to so many restaurant's no one will hire me because of my age. So iam not working and feal bad for my husband to put all this on him, he alway's say's to me honey don't worry thing's will work out. Isn't that you always say. I try so hard to keep a postive look on thing's it get's hard, i hold back so my husband and daughter don't see it and worry. I watch your show everyday because you make me forget about thing's and make me laugh and happy. I know all thing's will work out. We bought our house in 1999 in the last 4 year's the street has had so many break in's that were scared to live here. I loved our house but it need's so much work the furance is about to break any time,we live in michigan and it get's really cold here. Eleen if you can;t help us it's ok. Would ther be any way we could get ticket's for your 12 day's of give away's that would really help us for Christmas, since we can't afford much for our daughter. Thank You very much Ellen, there should be more people like you, Love Denise Zinger