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Denise Taylor
Name Denise Taylor
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Hobbies writing, reading, golf, public speaking, painting, mosaics INSPIRING
About Me I live my life to be the most abundant gift of love, laughter and healing as possible. I learned much through 'life's classroom' when my teenage daughter was diagnosed with and battled leukemia. Perspective is EVERYTHING! I've labeled myself a 'perspective trainer' There truly is a gift in EVERY experience. It's up to us to embrace the unattractive packages they may come in and dig deep enough to find it!
Denise Taylor
Moving Letter to Santa
601 days ago

This literally caused me to weep (crying is not a bad thing, especially in this instance) As adults, we forget just what wonderful teachers our sweet youth can be. I'm blessed to be taught by my children often and count among my blessings today, the gift of Tommy and his authentic selflessness. BEAUTIFUL!!! Eyes of Heaven are upon him and I doubt he'll be skipped when it comes to receiving and abundance of gifts!!!