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Denise Mora
Name Denise Mora
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Hobbies softball, dancing, swimming
About Me Not much to say other than I am married, mother of 4, recently completed and received my Bachelors degree, and work a full time job. Our time, money, and energy go to our kids. We try to give them everything that we can. Lately times hav been tough and we are struggling financially but we manage to pull through together for our kids. We have a close bond to our immediate family and we enjoy spending as much time as we can with everyone. Life is too short.
Denise Mora
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598 days ago

Happy to see a name from Albuquerque, New Mexico!! Congratulations! New Mexico does exist.

Denise Mora
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600 days ago


Your show is amazing, Im not able to watch your show but I do record it and watch it when I get home from work. You truely are an amazing person with such a great heart. I think your last name should be "Generous". You truely are a very genuine person. I've attempted to enter for a chance to win, lets see what happens. Happy Holidays from Las Cruces, New Mexico!!!