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Denise Richter
Name Denise Richter
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Hobbies Gardening, writing, Bird/Nature watching, creating/crafting
About Me Married 40 years and a Mom of 3 adult Sons. I've come to love a simple life; finding the calm, peaceful harmonious aspects in my life. A volunteer most of my years; from candy striper to a political (liberal) and children's advocate, with years of care-giving for family and friends. Historically ambitious but now, not as often... I find balance and get grounded working in the Memorial Garden I created 15 years ago for my late Son, Nathan C. Richter 79-98. It now celebrates memories with many passed and living too! I keep a book of poetry, written by me, in a box under the bed; adding to it again, finally. A survivor of much, a student of life, on a non-religious spiritual journey, an old hippie at heart. I have titanium rods up my spine and a cage around my neck, so, I have a few loose screws and can't keep my head on straight ;)
Denise Richter
Ellen Is the People's Choice!
197 days ago

Humility is your second name after "deGENEROUS", all spelling aside. ;) The people have spoken wisely. Thank you, Ellen; for the laughter, tears of joy, and the additional zest for life boosts I regularly receive from you.

Denise Richter
Win Day 10 of Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!
221 days ago

I've faced strangers, been stuck, tweeted til the birds came home, and tumbled my way along as a hopeful winner of Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways on
Not bad for a gadget impaired novice...
Thank you for this wonderful journey and the twinkle in my eye!