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This story is about an amazing 19 year old young man who happens to be my son, and one of your greatest fans. Aaron was chosen to be in this world to do amazing things. He is 1 of my 3 children who defied the odds, and was not born with an anomoly gene that took his siblings and a very young age. I knew Aaron was special, espceially when he was in th 9th grade and came out to me and told me he was gay. I truly believe that because of the struggles of his siblings, and being bullied or called names or treated differently, Aaron was always able to pick out the kids most in needs. He befriended the shy kids, encourgaed the unpopular kids to get involved, and embraced any kid that had a disability. He is outgoing and upbeat spirit are very contagious. Never blaming life for what goes wrong, and is so comfortable in his skin, that he is just happy to be Aaron. Aaron's kind heart continues to give. Just the other day, he came across a lady and her child asking for money. Aaron being a college student with only a part time job, bought the lady and her child dinner and beverages. He called me so excited to thank me for raising him to be a giver. I am a single mom who raised the most amazing child God could bless me with. Aaron's dream is to go to Los Angeles and attend a fashion college by the name of FDIM. Of course in our minds the cost of out of state tuition and living expenses are unimagineable but we decided there is not reward without sacrifice. We are looking for scholarships or internships where he can work his way through college. I promised him if I had to pay 10 dollars a month for the rest of my life, I would help him live out that dream. I would love to see him afforded the opporunity to do this. Thank you for your kindness, and always the laughter you put in our hearts when we watch your show. Best Regards, a hopeful mom!