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Denise French
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About Me Stay at home mom, wife, and mother to a 13 year old wonderful boy named Jonah and a 17 year old daughter named Georgi, who has Down Syndrome, Autism, Pulmonary Hypertension and many other issues. But we all healthy, for now, and very happy... and love watching ellen because she is all about happiness!!!!
Denise French
Message from Ellen
175 days ago

Just got finished watching Ellen help out the school in Detroit! And I can barely see how to type! I am so inspired by these young teachers making a difference. And thanks to Ellen for helping them out so much. Ellen, you really make me want to be a better, happier me!
Denise French

Denise French
Justin Timberlake Record Party
302 days ago

what could be better? Ellen and Justin Timberlake in one show!!! Ellen ... Don't forget.. it is also Down Syndrome awareness month!