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Ellen's Plea for Sandy Relief
617 days ago

Dear Ellen, Firstly..... LOVE YOU and THANK YOU for a dose of happiness every day:)
Three kind-hearted women from Staten Island NY, whom I've never met in person, only know them as customers. These women have been nothing less than relentless in helping their fellow neighbors. I only witnessed all their efforts through Facebook from the beginning, when they were not sure they would be victims themselves, through the aftermath where they've tirelessly given their time and focus on helping in every way possible from warm meals, to muscle to move debris, collecting bags of clean clothes, baby car seats, baby food, gas, name it and they're making it happen. It's a beautiful thing to see them rise together and make a difference. I live in Los Angeles and could only make a small difference in a monetary way when I saw that you were looking for stories of people helping....these 3 ladies are so deserving of, at the very least, writing to you and sharing one story amongst thousands! Their names are Helene Graci, Regina Corebett and Donna Graziano!! They're hard working moms making a difference to a community of people who need it.
...You've heard it a million times before but here is one million and one.......Thank you thank you love you and love your smile.

Denise Evangelatos Adams