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Denise dennison
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About Me Mom of two ages 20 and 4. My four year old has SPD which keeps me on my toes. He is a happy boy singing dancing telling jokes and laughing all day. We live your show and watch it EVERY DAY. we'd love you to come and visit us here in Delaware where I can show you all the wonderful things Delaware has to offer, but mostly.... How close we are to other states that offer good stuf! JK. we live you here. So please come check us out!!
Denise dennison
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441 days ago

Hi Ellen. We live you show and watch it every day here in Delaware. I've been wanting to send comments and share photos but I'm a little computer illiterate and/or all the corn fields around here are blocking my attempts. I'm a proud mother of two ages 20 and 4. My youngest has SPD and is always smiling laughing telling jokes, singing and dancing. We love that your show brings laughter,dancing and so much positivity into our home every day. You do so much good for so many. We'd LOVE so much for you to come visit us here in Delaware. We are orotund to be the first state. We have TAX FREE shopping, the largest twin span bridge, a car racetrack, plenty of slot and horse racing throughout our state. We too, have powerball! But our best accomplishment is that we JUST legalizedsame sex marriages and happily celebrate in our beachfront town Rehoboth. I'd live to be your tour guide not only to our beautiful state but we are scar ride away from DC, inner harbor Baltimore and the city if brotherly love, Philadelphia. Please let me show you our eastern shores. We have plenty of room here for you to stay. Lots of love to you and all you do. DENISE