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Name denise
Location surrey , b.c.
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Hobbies being mom and constantly fighting to keep MCFD out of my life.
About Me Mom of six beautiful kids under 12.Very low income addicted to Ellen show,Dreaming of winning house and van to make life more managable and easier I Pay 1800. just for rent I realllly pray to the Ellen Gods to help do a show on making dreams come true and helping those in need,I regularily volunteer in community and never ask for anything but I pray to god to bless me one day with own home with three bathroom and nine ten bedrooms multi bed rooms and two kitchen sweets and vechile that doent die when your on the road.PLease god and Ellen grant me this wish.Love Denise mother of six on knees prayen ...Dont believe Ellen helps Canadians though Dont forget about us :(
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562 days ago

Ellen always seems to let US people win only I've been tryen for years to win a dream prize with six kids low income were barely makin it happen my dream would be a multilevel full home with 9-10 rooms as there are that many in my house, and I help look after two men as well whom welfare doesnt pay me for also.My dream wouild be to own a house and out right with a van to transport my kids I never seen to be able to win the lottery and all my kids are under the age of 12.I would love to be able to send my kids to collage as well.I think those more fortunite should bless a low income family for christmas or something and buy them a major gift like some thing they really need they can right it off in there taxes anyway why not make someone else happy Like me and my family Love you hugely Ellen but Us Canadians need major breaks to you probably wont even see this LOL :)