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Name Dena
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Hobbies My hobbies are just doing the best I can and helping others.
About Me I am a very Blessed and grateful person. I am a disabled woman but I do not focus on my disabilities but rather my abilities to do great things;)
Jimmy Kimmel, and a Big Announcement from Ellen!
570 days ago

Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel together its definatley going to be a great and funny show can't wait!

Message from Ellen
570 days ago

Happy New Year Ellen:)
Oh shucks I think I write you alot, in fact everyday my mom says did you write Ellen she helps people! Some people may think my story is sad however I am a very blessed person who is grateful for everything in my life. AT the great age of 44 I have had brain surgery which left me permanently deaf in my left ear (is ok I only hear what I want to hear anyways!) cataract surgery on both eyes, back surgery, I have been a foster Parent for 3 amazing kids in spite of all that crazy talk I am so grateful and Blessed every single day and have amazing family and friends.I have been working hard since August 2010 and developed, created and researched a new store that is like no other. It will make a meaningful difference in the lives of so many (the place I live has a poverty rate of 17.5%) as well as help save and create jobs throughout our country. Fridays are dedicated to wearing RED (Remembering Everyone Deployed..until they all come home)As a single woman who was disabled in a car accident back in 2002 I am determined and passionate about my new store in spite of the "no's" for funding due to lack of personal collateral. I think I have sent you a few Please Vote For ME on grants I have applied for as well:) I love you so much, I know sounds crazy, but everyday I am reminded of how in spite of all the "icky" stuff going on in the world there are people like you who truelly make this world a better place to be. I would love to come to your show and meet you:) Also my grandfather use to always say "Be Kind To Yourself" so every time I hear you say that it reminds me of my grandfather who was an amazing man that i had the honor of taking care of in his final days before he was promoted to heaven. Thank you for all you do and for all your inspiration every single day:)

Have You Been Inspired to 'Play It Forward'?
594 days ago

This story was probably the most inspiring story I have ever watched. Although there have been many this man and the story just was incredible!
I believe that a person should always give more then they take it doesn't always have to be money, people can find all sorts of ways to give..time is a great gift to give someone to:)