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Delores Sowinski
Name Delores Sowinski
Location Apollo, PA
Age 71
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Hobbies Fiber arts such as crochting, weaving, and machine knitting, macrame and also jewelry making.
About Me I am a vibrant female of 70 years old who is a widow for 23 years. Husband died of the human form of mad cows disease. Have two tall sons that are clones of their Dad and stop to help me maintain the property and house when I need. have kept active with social activities thru the local ski club and served on board of directors. Like to visit libraries, watch the Ellen Show Daily to make sure the morning starts with a laugh here and there. Like cooking shows such as the CHEW and Simply Southern with Kimberly and Paul Deans cooking shows amongst many others. Like to watch them cook then I dont have to eat all the calories?LOL Have spent most of my single life since my husband and father past taking care and nuturing family such as my now 91 year old Mother who I finally had to put in a nursing home and helped my younger brother and son thru their divorced and to take care of each of thier two children who are now grown adults. u could say I gave at the family office! Have done my share of charity work of the years but remain that charity begins at home!
Delores Sowinski
Howie Mandel, Usher
422 days ago

Love ur show but what happened to original show for Wednesday to have Kellie Pickle from DWTS on today? Not even any mention of her? Delores Sowinski