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About Me Me? Laid back, like helping others, unemployed (not by choice toxic mold at my last job), like volunteering at the animal shelter :) Watch Ellen when I can :) Behind the times with tweeting, facebook, altho I have been known to buy and send no strings attached smoke detectors through social media.
Adoptable Pets of the Week
599 days ago

Beautiful eyes on the kitty, and the pup has such a soulful look. Too bad I’m not in the position to take on any more animals at this time, I’d love to have another dog.

Win Every Single 12 Days Prize
602 days ago


No one is going to laugh at you, were all in this together, if all I can do is wish you a Happy Holiday, I hope you take it in good spirits, DeeDee

Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
603 days ago

What I want to do with my life; I had hopes and dreams of one day adopting. No, not the little babies everyone always goes for. But the children that about ready to max out of the system with nowhere to call home, the children that their siblings have already been adopted, and yet the older children wait for a home. Little did I realize, through no fault of my own, that in 2008 by accepting a new job I would be facing being homeless. I started 2009 to finally get things in order just to lose my home, therefore adoption dreams came to an end. I kicked myself, felt sorry for myself, and realized I’m only limited by what I can’t do, and can’t is no longer an option. As I pick-up and move forward; I know that I could say how much I want to enrich one’s (one or 2 lives) life, when in fact I’m sure it will be the other way around.

'Graybeards' Help Victims of Sandy
603 days ago

What a wonderful organization. When they were on the nightly news the gentleman being interviewed reminded me of myself; as he put it "I hate asking for anything, sometimes you just have too." You could see it in face he was humbled asking for help.

Worried About Gifts This Season?
608 days ago

Dear Santa;

The people I’d like to remember this time of year would be my extended family; cousins on my father’s side, they’re the only family I have left, and we always exchanged little gifts up until last year when I couldn’t send them anything, they fully understood.

Since losing my job 11/2011 due to toxic mold in the office, there are only 5 other people that took the time of day to offer me inspiration, and hope, I wouldn’t want their kindness to go unnoticed; my best friend of 20 years, one co-worker who stood by me thick and thin, the manager at CVS, my doctor, and the gentleman at the gold pawn where I sold what I had to keep afloat. I may have lost my possessions (home of 49 years (I'm 52 years young) and material possessions), I hadn’t lost my sanity/faith due to the kindness of these people, I’m not even sure that they know how much each of them means to me, I only wished I could repay them.

I do have an older brother; I guess he doesn’t like poor people. The poorer I got the more he kept away, until he no longer comes around after 3 years. You may send him coal. Thank you,

Down But Not Out, Dee

You Write, Ellen Responds!
615 days ago

Dear Santa Ellen,
How is Mrs. Santa (Porsche)? And your elf (momma)? I hope momma’s back is getting better, Christmas is coming and there are packages that need to get out. I also hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I too have problems (foreclosure, bankruptcy, dying vehicle, struggle to pay the bills), but I still say I have it better than most. I’ve moved up since last year, I had a turkey to share this year with homeless, unlike last year when the hamburger was too spoiled to make hamburger helper, lol So, if I could make a wish, it would be to help the greybeards (greybeards dot com) of Rockaway NY, a group of firefighters, cops, executives and others who have made it their mission to help Sandy Storm victims, and they’re are raising money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, in addition to personally helping them out. I’m miles away, and my thoughts and prayers are still with them, as with you, Porsche, and momma, one day I’ll be able to scratch you off my bucket list, along with winning the lottery, peace, love, and be kind.