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Dee Marchan
Name Dee Marchan
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About Me I'm 26 years old. A full time mommy, part time home maker lol, and part time student. I just made the leap of faith and went back to school. I have a very loving, bright, and beautiful two year old little boy. He is my world! I am also engaged to a amazing man!! He's helped me grow up and get my life together. I've learned how to be a better person thanks to him. We have a very silly beagle mix named Moose. We adopted her from the Kentucky Humane Society. We also have a amazingly loving cat named Kiki. She was also adopted from the Kentucky Humane Society! I love my little family!
Dee Marchan
Dog Gone
234 days ago

Oh my gosh! I can't stop laughing! The Great Dane is completely oblivious to crushing the life out of the shih tzu.