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Jennifer Lawrence and an Incredible Surprise
604 days ago

I waited years to finally get tickets to see Ellen and I have never been more disappointed. Myself and 3 of my closest friends all took the day off work (without pay) to go and see Ellen and we were all so disappointed. Ellen seemed so disinterested the whole time talking to Jennifer and the energy in the room was nothing like you see on TV. I have been watching the show for the last 10years and was one of the few families that used to tape Ellen's sitcom on our VCR so we could all watch her show together. For years I had Ellen's stand-up on my DVR just so I could replay the joke about pickles...the only reason it's not there anymore is because I had to replace my DVR box :( I really wish my experience had turned out a lot better. Maybe you all will have better luck when you attend the show. Don't worry, I still LOVE YOU ELLEN!!!