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Declan Young
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About Me I am a Canadian Forces Member whom records Ellen's show with attempts to watch every episode.
Declan Young
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
601 days ago

Dear ma'am.
My name is Declan Young. You asked in this episode what people want most out of life. This had me thinking as even though I am only 22 my life desires have remained relatively the same.
When I was five what I wanted most out of life was to be a pediatrician and that remained so until I turned 19. That was when my medical career dreams were set back due to the inability to obtain a student loan. So seeing as at the time I was working at a local Burger King I had a desire for change. With the encouragement of my parents I joined the Canadian Armed Forces where I've been the last three years and am enjoying it.
In August I was in a single vehicle accident on my motorcycle. That left me with no vehicle. I had gone home to visit and my parents decided to give me their old car, which made it to Edmonton and broke down. So I eventually had to give in and ask the bank for a loan to repair my vehicles and get back on my own two feet. Unfortunately a few weeks after I got my loan and the same week as Remembrance Day (November 11) I received a text message from my mom saying her and my dad were getting a divorce. So instead of getting the remaining parts I needed and fixing my vehicles I had a friend drive me home, in a snow storm that dropped 25 inches of snow, so I could help my mom move out and get her on her own feet.
You see after joining I realized what I really wanted out of life. I wanted to be the best family man I could be. To be able to protect my family at all costs. I am not able to get that car fixed but I needed wheels so I traded it in for a truck with incredibly high interest on the financing but even though with my loan, insurance, rent and truck payments stretching every paycheck thin I know that the money I gave my mom to help really did help. She was able to buy groceries for the new place and presents for my two youngest siblings. So as it stands right now I'm fulling my dream of what I want out of life most. I may not be a husband or father but I'm a son and a brother who is doing what is necessary for my family by earning my money serving my country and being there for them when they need me to be.

I'm sorry for the length of this comment but I record your show each day and watch it when I can. You are the definition of human kindness and I want to thank you for all you do for everyone in need. You do for all of them what I strive to do for my family. Thanks.