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Debra Zipp
Name Debra Zipp
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About Me 55 yearold, seperated, on disability two adult children, on e grandchild, I dont see my children often, or granddaughter either. From PA, living in VT. Mental Health Advocate.
Debra Zipp
Worried About Gifts This Season?
579 days ago

Hi Ellen, As always, I am late looking at the web site. I just noticed the place to write in about the Christmas gifts unable to provide. I have struggled for several years being on Disability, and have tried to do things like make my own gifts, sewing, cooking, crocheting writing poems, etc., however, this year finds me in another state from my family, They are in PA, and I am in VT. I haven't the where with all to sew, or bake as it were, or to even financially be able to send them what I could have done. My heart aches to see them all, and hold them hug them and let them know I truly love them, however, that too has been something that has been unable to happen. So being unable to send even a little something to my children and my only granddaughter has torn my heart apart. Thank you for listening I truely appreciate your kindness.