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Debra Wells
Name Debra Wells
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Hobbies Animals, plants, movies (especially superheroes), books, dancing
About Me Cancer survivor, editor, 4 kids, married 35 years, moved from Florida to Canada--sheesh. Never had a vacation but would prefer fixing up my house. 7 cats, two birds, rescue and love all animals. Brown thumb but I keep trying. Wish list is fairly short but watching a Chris Hemsworth movie being shot is right up there! Prefer scripted dramas but watch Ellen simply because she is one of the very few genuinely funny people around. Congrats on a long and successful run: here's to many more years.
Debra Wells
Chris Hemsworth, Marshall Kimber
312 days ago

So looking forward to seeing this gifted--and favorite--actor. Love his larger than life roles which display his bona fide versatility.

This man is going to have a long and successful career with roles spanning the spectrum of fantasy and reality.
I, for one, can't wait to see what happens.

"Rush" and "Thor 2" are must-sees. What a great duo to look forward to!