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Debra Proctor
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Debra Proctor
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137 days ago

Ellen first off I love your show one of a kind never will anyone be as great as you are. So funny kind Sweet caring person I laugh at your show cry at your show you have touched so many people God bless you.I have twin granddaughters and one of them had open heart surgery at 10 lbs they couldn't wait any longer she weighed 2 lbs and 9 oz at birth her sister 3 lbs 11oz they will turn 8 in April thank you Jesus . In June 2014 she has to have open heart surgery again I would love to send them on a Disney cruise before surgery she will have 6 months total recovery time . So no summer vacation but I only have a 1,000.00 to pay on that trip limited income .Love to send her sister mom and dad they all need this if you could help if not I understand and a whole lot more people need your help in worse situation than what I would like too have for her thankyou

Debra Proctor
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210 days ago

Love love your show