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Debra Powell
Name Debra Powell
Location eads, Tenn
Age 56
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Hobbies Dance ,spending time with family and friends and watching ELLEN!!!
About Me I just wrote a whole thing here and it disappeared!!Oh My Gosh! I probably went on too longLOL.Anyway I grew up in NJ with five sisters one brother and my parents.My dad passed away right before their 25 wedding anniversary so my mom increased her work load to include teaching dance 5 days a week at her dance studio that she owned for 57 yrs and teaching piano,guitar and drums in a small room attached to our house.She also made the costumes cause back then they had very limited catalogs for dance.She made a lot of our clothes.When my sisters and brother needed braces on their teeth she took to singing in a wedding band on weekends to pay for it.My mom also directed and acted in local plays,anything to keep food on the table.And although we didn't have much money we never really cared.My mom was also a Roxyette which were the actually right before they changed it to the Rockettes.My mom married ten yrs after my dads passing and they wer together for almost 25 yrs as well.My mom who's name is Muriel is turning 87 on Jan 27th! now I know you asked me to tell you about me but I often get sidetracked so I will try to stay on task.I grew up in NJ and graduated in 1975 the same yr my dad passed.i was never interested in college and my dad had sent me to modeling school and when I saw how much that cost I decided to try and see if I could earn enough to pay him back.i kept on long after he passed and made enough to support myself.I also taught dance at my moms studio and when she retired I opened up my own in NJ for 3 yrs until while on a modeling job met my husband TOM who I live with in Tenn with our two sons Price 20 who is in college studying to be a surgeon and Blake 13 who is the sweetest kid ever.I own my own dance studio here in Tn and have for 23 yrs?Your show is on at 630 AM! Thank goodness for DVR! I begin my day with ELLEN dancing in my den!!!I love to laugh and so does my family so we all watch it again at 830pm when we are all together.My sisters talk on the phone cause we live in different states and ALL talk about what happened on your show that day.My son Blake remembers all your jokes and has quite an act!!! We are the kind of family that has talent shows on Thanksgiving!!LOL. Although the past three yrs we haven't been able to get together due to finances.Thats the really hard part about not living close by and being such a close family.Actually we are getting together for my moms bday at my sisters in Fla for her bday weekend but my oldest sisters boss won't give her off so she can't come.It must be nice to have your mom at your shows and so close by.Its sad that our children don't get to see each other growing up .Im sorry I don't know how I got off track here You asked me about myself and I lost focus again!!!!Anyway you are the best way to start and end my day and I thank you for that.Keep on dancing as I say to my students!!!!Love,Deb Powell