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Debra Arm
Name Debra Arm
Age 57
Joined 604 days ago
Hobbies Watching Ellen ,Decorating and cooking n Baking for Holidays ,reading and Gardning.I Love to go collect Angels art work nic naks.
About Me I am a very Happy 56 yr old woman who Loves Jesus first and formost and Love my Life Partner Robert .I have 10 Grandchildren and 3 Girls and 1 Stepson by Robert .I Love to Decorate my Home ,go to candle shops and Love to cook and bake for our Family and Freinds when we get togetthers .I Love a good Book or go to watch a Good Movie ,and Love watching Ellen.I Love doing for others and Love my Dog Boots and Love old people ,because 1 day I if God permits will be old and I would want to be treated as I treat others.I lost both Parents and my 2 brothers by the age of 47 .I Love them andcreally miss my Family but I am Loved from others in my Life and that really helps .I am a firm beliver that you are treated by the way you treat others and I Love Gardening Lifes Like a Rose always open and always fullof Life and Color.
Debra Arm
Send Us Your Bad Holiday Photos!
565 days ago

Hi Ellen I would Love to win anything .I am on Disability n my better half Bob is on Medicare .I would Love to share your gifts with my 3 girls n 10 Grangchildren 22yrs old n the youngest is 4 ,8 boys 2 girls.I know they do not come around me alot because of Transpotation problems or no money and some other reasons ,i would Love to give BOBn my Stepson Christopher N his Fiance Julie of 7 YRS SOME GOOD GIFTS.Christopher n Julie lives with her parents my stepson works but due to car payments n insurance it takes his check .Ellen I have my Youngest girl whos 34 n my Grandandson n Granfdaughter who are Living from place to place n has no income I would be so Grateful if I coild help her .Ellen even if I dont win I am Happy for all of the other winners.

Debra Arm
Message from Ellen
572 days ago

ELLEN candy cane was the word .I would Love to win your Gifts I have 10 Grandchildren 22 yrs old n the youngest is 4. 8 boys n 2 girls 1 stepson n Bob who I Love so very much. .I would Love to be able to share these gifts with my Loved ones .I am on ssi Disabilty n Bob is on Medicare ,please dont get me wrong we thank GOD EVERYDAY FOR WHAT WE HAVE,I also know thier are other people in the same shape we are in some even worse ,I will be Happy for who ever wins..anyway] Happy New Years ELLEN N PORSHA

Debra Arm
Win All the Prizes from Day 13 of 12 Days!
584 days ago

Hi Ellen I am still hoping to win your Christmas gifts .This would truly make our Christmas a Very HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS.[anyway] MERRY CHRISTMAS

Debra Arm
And the Day 12 Winners Are...
585 days ago

Ellen I would realy Love to win all 12 days of Christmas Gifts.This would truly make myself and Family a very Merry Christmas .I have not seen any WINNERS from OHIO . Ellen I have 10 Grandchildren and 3 daughters n Bob my Love of my life and his son this would really help us at Christmas time .Ellen even if I do not win I am Happy for all those who does.I wish you Ellen and Porcha a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Blessed New Yr 2013

Debra Arm
Fergie and Day 6 of 12 Days!
596 days ago

pick me pick me pick me please I would be so Happy I would be dashing through the Snow OH thats right no snow but would I ever be Happy .OH well Merry CHRISTMAS TO ALL N TO ALL A gOOD NIGHT

Debra Arm
Win All the Prizes from Day 4 of 12 Days!
596 days ago


Debra Arm
Win All of the Prizes from Day 3 of 12 Days!
598 days ago

Hi Ellen I would Love to see your energy and kind heart .I would Love to win 3 days of CHRISTMAS.Ellen it would really put the HO HO HO in my Familys Christmas.Merry christmas Ellen and a Blessed 2013

Debra Arm
Win All of Ellen's 12 Days Giveaways -- Just for Newsletter Subscribers!
599 days ago

Hi Ellen I Love your show please Bless my Family with your 12 days of Christmas Gifts.I would Love to win PLEASE pick my Family and if not i am still Happy for all the other ones that wins .ELLEN I believe in miracles and maybe this yr is my yr for Miracle . Merry Christmas ellen and a very Blessed New 2013

Debra Arm
Win Every Single 12 Days Prize
603 days ago

Hello Ellen I watch your show and I just Love your Dancing and your energy just picks me up and makes me HAPPY.I would Love to be picked for your free 12 days of christmas Gifts.I Love everything you give ,you have a Big Heart for doing this for others I Hope I WIN but if not I am happy for everyone who does win. .PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME BUT I WANT BAG.Merry Christmas Ellen and a Blessed 2013