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Debra Anderson
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Debra Anderson
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361 days ago

Happy, Happy, Happy B- day Ellen. Hopping all is well with you. I think I would be speechless if I ever won anything from here (you). And that's really hard to do. No no I'm talking about the speechless part. Anyway, what happens happens,
Aloha 4 now, Deby

Debra Anderson
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594 days ago

I love your show of course. In the past few years I have lost about 30 pounds and need to lose about another 35 pounds. For the first time in my 53 years living on this planet. I have entered "The great Aloha run" well for me walk. Its 8 miles, I've never walked that far. So with my Husband's help I've started training. AAAAHHHHH I've never used that word "training" in the same sentence with me in it. I'm excited about some thing like this for the first time. Winning something would be great. Either or other way I will always watch your show. Sorry spelling has never been that great. Aloha for now.