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Deborah Wilson
Name Deborah Wilson
Age 50
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Hobbies Singing, Reading, Piano and Basketball
About Me I'm a Mother of 4. I gave birth to my two oldest, and I then adopted my 17 and 13year old, when they were just babies. I've worked all my life, my Mother raised us to be Strong, Productive, Positive people. I love The Lord, but most of all I love to laugh, and your show just happens to be great Medicine. I'm a Praise and Worship leader in our lock Church, a Minister, love to sing and play the piano. Until I hurt my back, I was still playing Basketball. I've always wanted to do what you do. But the truth of the matter is. You do it better.
Deborah Wilson
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Deborah Wilson
You Write, Ellen Responds!
222 days ago

Hi ms. Ellen, my name is Deborah Wilson. I want you to know that you are the greatest show host I've ever watch, I'm not asking for handouts. I just want you to know that going through all that I'm going through, I seem to end up with a smile on my face after watching your show. You see I've been out of work for four years from a Back engery at work. My children have not had Christmas for three years, not get me wrong I'm not complaining, just letting you know how good God is. So while trusting God, and trying to make my children feel like all is good. I've become very Depressed, almost to the point of trying to kill myself. I was sitting on the end of my Bed, and then your show came on. By the time the show ended, I forgot all about ending my life. Thanking you for making people laugh. Thank you for giving me another reason for living. So please whatever you do. Don't change. Your smile alone make others smile. Again thank you.

Your Because of life.

Deborah Anne Wilson.