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Deborah W Wheeler
Name Deborah W Wheeler
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Hobbies Walking shopping cleaning spending with my granddaughter Shylar
About Me I'm a parent of two grown children and a granddaughter Shylar . I have been trying to get on disability ,no luck with that been tryin for aleast three years. I think my guy are breaking up . No money no job . I hope and pray that God will take of all my problems. I've been bless no matter what happens I know I've been bless God bless you Ellen ...
Deborah W Wheeler
Message from Ellen
269 days ago

Love your show Ellen...... Very funny.

Deborah W Wheeler
Nicki Minaj's Revealing Outfit  
300 days ago

Ellen, I love your show so much I have watch for so long .through the hard times I have you always put my face .sometimes I laugh most of the time.