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Deborah Manning
Name Deborah Manning
Age 49
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Hobbies love writing poetry and turning it into music and cooking anything:
About Me I love being around people and love my job working with people who are mentally ill and have disablilities and the homeless that come in every once in a while:Such as myself:
Deborah Manning
What's Your Hidden Talent?
565 days ago

Hi Ellen I'am a very very Big Fan of yours and would like to meet you in person someday!Well to tell you a little bit about myself here I go!I work at a place where we work with people who are mentally ill and have occuring disabilities and we also deal with the homeless and some people who are disabled!I'am Deborah Manning The Assistant Dirrector and My boss is Justen Martin the Director of the Our Place Community Center!We are located at 918 Ludington St.-Escanaba MI. 49829-Work phone# 906-233-7117-Its a place where peoplecan come in and mingle with other people and we try to make it feel like a second place in a homey safe environment!We are also rated as the number one Drop In Center in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan in Delta County!We have a total of about 65 consumers that use the facility!I have been at this job for approximately 9 mo.s now and love IT.We are also a Nonprofit Orgnization!I'd like you to put us on your Mapsite To Be recognized for what we do!My personal Cell# 906-450-7141 & home address is as follows:Deborah Manning-Harbor Tower-510 1st Ave Sth Apt. 509-Escanaba MI. 49829.If you can't catch me at work try my cell#:Thanx ans have a great year!