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Deborah Brown
Name Deborah Brown
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Hobbies Spending time with kids and watching Ellen!Also taking care of my pets
About Me Disabled I have four girls one died ,she was giving meds that did' mix and her heart stopped That's was tomorroa ,Tiffany has a lot of medical prob ,not elegable for teencare because she doesn't have children and is not Hispanic crazy hu? Cecilia has four children her and her husband bought a home and was scammed he was trying to fix it as good as he could and was very excited about it but he got sick diagnosised with the flu and hade meningitis died at 26 yrs old .i have two more but this could turn into a book,just would like to tell you about Tiffany very talented writes music,pomes and rapes ,they need help and it is so sad when a mother can not help ,I your show makes my day ,and if you and your wife could find it in your hearts to help with anything I would be every so greatful ,if not that's ok to I thank y'all for all that you do ,one of your biggest fans Deborah
Deborah Brown
Message from Ellen
52 days ago

Hello ,
To the greatest talk show host ever , we love ya and we are very big fans ,watch every day love the show, just wondering if anyone reads my comments or maybe I should say my crystal for help ! My Daughter is 37 and needs breast surgery ASAP also needs a neurosurgeon she is getting worse every day has no insurance can't work due to her illness help ! God please send someone to help
Love everyone
Deborah Brown:

Deborah Brown
And the Day 11 Winners Are...
113 days ago

My comments are that it is Christmas and a new year I have two daughters one is very sick with no insurance and the other is a widow 27years old and her husband died last year this time .She has four children and can't find a place to rent or to live . So marry Christmas everyone!!!!

Deborah Brown
Mega Millions
125 days ago

It has to feel so wonderful just to be you! To have the gift of giving I have always prayed to be able to give as you do god bless you Ellen and your wife and I know he does ,I would love to be in your shoes just one day it has to feel awesome , love ya!!!

Deborah Brown
It's Day 6 of 12 Days
130 days ago

Love the show I think it would be a good idea If Ellen's wife would co host everyday and dance with her!

Deborah Brown
It's Day 5 of 12 Days!
131 days ago

Ellen I watch your show everyday it just seems like the only time of he day I can laugh and go to a great place but then at 4:00pm back to reality. It happens every year at this time of the year I watch your show and everyone is so happy I put myself there just dreaming but it is just that a dream! My daughter is not in a good place mostly health wise . She can't get insurance though Obama care and I'm terrified with no help from someone who give a care I'm so afraid she ! We'll I just don't even want to say I'm scared! God please help my child Tiffany there is something wrong with her beautiful head I can't help her I'm helpless and have failed as a mother ,But I love ya Ellen !! Deborah Brown!!,,,,

Deborah Brown
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Tom Hanks!
131 days ago

I love Tom Hanks he is awesome and Ellen I really try not to miss your show every day!l just love ya!

Deborah Brown
Message from Ellen
211 days ago

Miss Ellen ,
The Ellen show II think is the number one show in America ,I love to watch
Every day the laughter ,dancing and guessed are awesome .I just can't figure out how to
Send a video ,telling my story ,my daughter even though she is grown she is still my child
She like many I'm sure is with out insurance ,she needs breast surgery ASAP also needs to be seen by a neurologist ,ASAP there is something badly wrong with her head .I am so scared and at my wits end ,I'm so desperate someone please god help her or help me help her my child Tiffany .!!!!!!
God Bless Deborah Brown

Deborah Brown
Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need
231 days ago

I watch Ellen five day's a week and it is the only time I laugh and smile ,And I have tried to send a Video begging for help not for myself but my daughter she needs breast surgery ASAP also she needs to be seen by a Nero sergeant .She don't qualify for insurance because she doesn't have children and she is from the USA .when you are a mother and can't do nothing to help your daughter I guess I have failed!

Deborah Brown
Who's That Country Superstar with Ellen?
261 days ago

I think Ellen's show is the most favorable show in the world ,she makes the saddest and most depressed people laugh so thank god for Ellen ! And thank Ellen for the things she does for everyone .God Bless you Miss Ellen and Portia ,! Much love and gratitude , Deborah Brown

Deborah Brown
Win All the Prizes from Day 13 of 12 Days!
287 days ago

I am disabled I have four daughters and seven grand kids ,I'm not able to do much just spend time with the kids and my daily show watching girls are having such a hard time,such as Cecilia my youngest has four kids. Two boys 7and 5 girls 4 and one. Her kids daddy died at the young age of 26 misdiagnosis ,told he had the flu but was meningitis ,he was put to sleep because he would not lay still and never woke up ,my children's father died at thirty four while they were sleeping he had a massive heartattact .
It is just so sad when a mother has nothing to help her children even though they are grown ,they live with me and desperately want and need transportation and a place of there own that is Cecilia , Trey 7,Deon 5, Annya 3 and Lyric 1 she never got to meet he father she was one month along they had just financed a house and she lost it after he died because it was in such bad shape it was condemned he was working so hard to make it a good Home and he was so excited! But she lost everything ,Tiffany is so awesome and talented writes music,pomes and raps needs a place to live and transportation she was diagnosed with breast cancer had has major health problems and is not elegable for tenncare because she does'nt have children not sure if she can also she was told she don't have kids and is not Hispanic crazy hu?she is Cherokee ..Im so sorry I don't mean to bother you and I could write a book ,but I don't have the smarts to do so my girl Tamaria at the age of twenty two died ,she was giving medication that did'nt mix and her heart stop and. Regina has so many medical problems .Susie is my oldest she was raised mostly by my mother and does ok for her self she struggles but takes good care of my grand daughter , So you see Miss Ellen I understand there are a lot of people that are a lot worse off than myself but I am not asking for any thing for myself but my house is falling apart so I am not sure how much longer ?.....p.s. watching you makes my day,god bless you and you wife and all the you all do!!!!