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Debi Decker
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About Me I am a third generation restauranteur, not by choice! I own a little honky tonk bar and we live on a horse ranch. I used to be an office manager for a group of millionaires, I miss that job!!! I have one son, 21 years old and am going through the empty nest syndrome!
Debi Decker
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187 days ago


Dear Ellen,

My name is Debi Decker. I think this is the first time I have ever written to your show, although I watch you as often as I can to give myself a comedic break during the day. I am currently unemployed, recently filed bankruptcy, closed my business to foreclosure and am separated from my husband after a tumultuous 25 year relationship. My 22-year-old son, Jeremy, and I are currently living in a rent-subsidized apartment with each other as roommates and sharing my vehicle. He has found sporadic work in construction but really wants to start college. I have returned to school online to finish my bachelor’s degree while seeking gainful employment. I am on unemployment and food stamps right now, so we are barely making it. Since Jeremy does get some part time work, he gets to use my car or I drop him off and pick him up from work if I need it for job interviews.

I think if Jeremy had his OWN car, I may be able to find employment easier and faster and he would be able to quit his part time construction work and finally enroll for college. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here, but Jeremy has had several vehicles and all of them were either lemons, jalopies or during his three years of learning how to drive—wrecked! Here are few examples:

When Jeremy was about to turn 16, my dad, rest his soul, gave his old circa 1980 Toyota Tercel station wagon to Jeremy. That car was so old that it took us two and a half hours to drive it home in 2nd gear. We tried to get it fixed, but even the mechanic said “forget it!”

After that, Jeremy saved $1,100 of his own money and bought a 1980-something huge Suburban which was such a gas guzzler that he couldn’t afford to drive it (gas was about $4 bucks a gallon then). So he eventually got rid of it and never even really drove it anywhere.

For a while, the only thing we would let him drive was Old Blue, the tractor and only in the pasture! He did pretty well with that and was happy just having something to drive.

Then after an unexpected windfall, after he turned 17, I bought him a classic 1987 El Camino that was in almost mint condition – until he started driving it. Evidently, he had problems learning how to look before turning left or right at intersections. Here is a picture of that car. He eventually wrecked the other side of the car, too, which looked about the same, so we replaced TWO rear ends on what once was a classic car. After that I decided not to let him drive that car and I couldn’t afford the insurance on it anymore. And I was scared to death that he was going to have a REALLY bad accident, which, of course, he eventually did.
Now, after going to the high school driver’s education course, the judge sent him to a defensive driving course and then I sent him to a private driving school just to make sure we had covered all the bases (or side panels, if you will).

After the El Camino, I would occasionally let him drive my car, my beautiful, and maxed out PT Cruiser and through no fault of his own (he was rear-ended by someone who didn’t stop for a fire engine). That car was totaled. Here is a picture of that car. That was my all time favorite car!!! But it wasn’t his fault THAT time.


After the PT Cruiser incident, Jeremy landed a really good job working as a robotic welder so we scraped together enough money (I even sold some gold jewelry) for him to buy an indestructible 1987 Chevy Pick-up truck. Well, after a new engine, a new transmission and just about everything else you can think of, we figured out that it was destructible. So Jeremy lost his job because he didn’t have any transportation. I don’t have a picture of that truck and at this point, I don’t really care – I just want him to have HIS OWN car so he will stop using mine!

After my poor little PT Cruiser was totaled, I searched the internet for a replacement and I found a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer that, now get this, was manufactured in Puerto Rico, came from Miami and was titled out of Canada! So we are now sharing the 2006 Puerto Rican/Canadian Mitsubishi and THANKS to heaven above it is still running and it hasn’t been wrecked!

So, I hope you read this email and find it in your all-giving heart to give my son a car or truck so that he will stop driving my car! Thank you and please keep us smiling!

Debi Decker
Loganville, Georgia

PS, He might need some more driving lessons, too.