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Debbie Woolfolk
Name Debbie Woolfolk
Location Tampa, FL
Age 58
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Hobbies fishing, bowling, walking my dog
About Me sinle mother of twin 17 year old soon to be 18 thank the good Lord above, recently lost my aunt and grandmother,(my best friends)so after 30 years in one place, I moved in with my uncle, he's mentally challenged(who among us isn't,lol) so not the happiest holiday season. That's why I watch your show as much as I can, you make me dance, laugh, and forget my problems, which inlight of today's world are so small...Thanks for all you do, you are a wonderful human being. Be kind to yourself!!!!
Debbie Woolfolk
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587 days ago

I think Rosie of Sophie & Rosie looks exactly what yours and Porcha's daughter would look like, if you ever had children....I love you and I love your show, I only wish we had a lot more Ellens in this world, it would be a much better place. Keep smiling, laughing and dancing! Be kind to yourself too! Debbie in Tampa, FL