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debbie peifer
Name debbie peifer
Age 61
Joined 598 days ago
Hobbies painting rooms telling stories to my grandkids
About Me ihave 7 grandkids and 2 daughters whom are the most wonderful loving people you would want to meet im blessed to have to opertunity to have had to raise them. im very fun to be around and i make my grandchildern laugh as much as i can they call me THE NAN i beleive that everyone wants to feel important and value idid the nanny dance way before gynome im also concern about politics and support the democrats
debbie peifer
Message from Ellen
101 days ago

hi you are a great person. just wanted you to know this. i dont think we hear this enough . love your show .its ok if i dont win ,see im lucky i have a wonderful family 2 daughters and 7 wonderful grandchildern .best of luck to you always , keep up your good nature we enjoy it, love ya Deb

debbie peifer
'Twits & Ask' Gets Andy Dancing!
598 days ago

hi just had a gallbadder removed on tues and thought my luck would chance so i wanted to enter the giveaways but im 59 years old with slow internet that wont bring up the entrey form so what to hell i love your show and im feeling better. life is good merry christmas to you and your family byee