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debbie landon
Name debbie landon
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Hobbies collecting antiques and playing with grand kids and fishing
About Me I could be Ellen's best friend,because i am kind and silly,funny,and girl i can dance.I could be Tony's best friend in kerioke,ok cant spell it but i could sing right along with hin(not)
debbie landon
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445 days ago

Hi Ellen, First of all love your show and love, love, love, how you help people out, so therefor I love you too!!!
So I've been seeing you play this game, love it, I love playing games, so can you buy it just like that or do you have to have a certain phone or tablet. Hope I can just buy it, I don't have those other things. I just have a phone I don't think I can put apps on it. I'm not sure how to use the I-phone or tablet thing, and they cost too much for me anyway, but this game would be great I have 7 grandchildren ages 9mos. to 18 yrs old, and I know my 6 & 7 and 13 year old would have so much fun... Well, I love you Ellen, and I make it a point to be kind to everybody I see, and pass it to my grandchildren too. Thank You, Debbie P.S. after writing all this a thought just came to mind I could look this game up and answer my questions...duh! But sending this anyway, to let you know I love ya......

debbie landon
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597 days ago

love u Ellen...ya'll left your l out of will...just saying...