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Quote of the Day: Kindness Week Day 2
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I posted this on the wrong page but today's quote is perfect for my comment.

I recently retired from teaching preschool children with specials needs. Each child made a tag board cookie jar to hold their kindness cookies. Most days during snack time, I would ask each child if they had done something kind that day. When we started the year, it was difficult for the children to state a kind act so I would point out something I had seen or heard. I would write down what they had done and put it in their cookie jar. As time went by, the children were able to state their own kind acts. Even better, they began pointing out kind acts their friends had done. This pleased me so much!

As Emerson said, "You cannot do a kindness too soon," as these preschoolers so beautifully demonstrated. Our classroom was a safe place to live, laugh and learn. By the end of the school year,each child had an overflowing cookie jar to take home and share with their families.

This was a wonderful way to teach the abstract concept of kindness. Thank you for spreading love and kindness.

Debbie Jones
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526 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I enjoy your show, humor and kindness. I am a recently retired teacher who taught special needs students for 35 years, 29 with preschoolers.

I tried to instill kindness in my classroom by making it a safe and loving place for students, parents and staff. Each child made a kindness color jar, which hung on the classroom wall. Most days, during snack time, I would ask each child if they had done something kind. I would write down what they had done on a paper cookie, then add it to their cookie jar. This eventually taught the meaning of kindness. One of the nice results of this was that the children began stating the kind acts their friends had done. I loved that!

This activity demonstrated that it is never too soon to show kindness, as these young ones did it so well.

Thank you for spreading kindness and love.

Deb Jones