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Debbie Henderson
Name Debbie Henderson
Age 49
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Hobbies love working on crafts with my 4 year old granddaughter. And watching Ellen with her.
About Me I am from a little town in Missouri. I have worked for a local INDUSTRY for 23 years. I have been with my boyfriend for 24 years. He had full custody of his three year old daughter when we got together. I consider her as mine. She has a 4 year old daughter that we love so much. She has got us through so much in the past 4 years. My boyfriend had a accident, him and some hunting buddies were cutting back limbs around his tree stand and the chain on the deer stand broke and he fell 22 feet. Braking his back. This was so hard on me. Never had anything like this happen. I was there in the hospital with him. By his side the whole time. I took a leave of absence from work so I could take care of him. By the time I got him back on the road to recovery I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. So it was now his turn to take care of me. It has been a hard journey but we are both doing better. I think it has brought us all closer. He is still in a lot of pain 24/7 but THANK GOD HE IS ALIVE. And i have been Cancer Free for 3 years next month on the 5th. God sent us this precious angel (Danika our beautiful granddaughter). She has got us though all this. We cant go 2 days without seeing her. She is so special. There are days when we didn't feel like doing anything because of all the pain but as soon as that baby came around we would forget all our pain. She takes good care of her Poppy and Nanny. She loves watching your show. She thinks you are so funny. We think you are a very special person doing all the good things you do.
Debbie Henderson
Shemar Moore Kisses for Cancer Research
291 days ago

What a guy! Sweet way to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am a survivor and i love to see all the ways that people help to raise money for this good cause. Thanks Ellen for all you do. You are the greatest!

Debbie Henderson
Message from Ellen
601 days ago

We love your show!We watch you everyday! I have a three year old granddaughter that just loves you. Every time she comes over she always ask IS ELLEN ON. She thinks you are so funny. She talks about you all the time. She loves to watch you dance, if we don`t get the channel turned over to your show in time she will say Oh i missed Ellen dance with this sad face. I am a Breast Cancer survivor and just want to thank you for everything you do to help people get through hard times. Love Debbie