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Debbie Goveia
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Debbie Goveia
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602 days ago

Good Afternoon Ellen,

Would like to thank YOU and your staff (especially Tony with his infectious laugh; Andy who puts up with the outfits you have him wear, and nevermind Amy who has to say song lirricks in order to speak to someone.)

You make my day, I have always DVR your show but after loosing my job back in April, I have been able to watch it live. Thanks to your recommendations, I watch Homeland and Revenge, which are amazing. I love them. But most of all, I love the way you help people in need. Everyone needs a good cry as well as a good laugh and your show provides both of these emotions. I just wish you would come to the Boston to air your show sometime. I would stand line for a week to obtain those tickets. lol

I would like to wish You, Portia and your mother a wonderful Christmas and a Happy/Healthy New Year!!!

Be Kind To One Another!!!


Deb Goveia
Boston, MA