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Debbie Frati-Hepper
Name Debbie Frati-Hepper
Location Webster, New York
Age 60
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Hobbies golf, sewing knitting, volunteering, gardening, travel, music, cooking,exercising...... watching ELLEN!
About Me Let's see in the last 12 years I have had too many stories, but have managed to keep a positive attitude with the philosophy of “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”. It all started with an ugly divorce in 2000, followed by breast cancer in 2001. I was surrounded by my children and good family. After surgery and treatment I started on my way to a new life only to suddenly having double vision, slurring my speech to loosing strength in my entire body. After18 months of tiring to diagnose me, I was misdiagnosed with LAS. Good thing they didn’t tell me because it took a month for me to get into the Neurology clinic. I was immediately diagnosed with a treatable condition Myasthenia Gravis. Again more treatment, x-rays that lead to more misdiagnosis that my breast cancer had metastases. After a month of waiting for a PET scan results, the scan came back with no sign of cancer. Following this all was too many deaths in the family with a very tragic and said death of my nephew (suicide in 2007). A wonderful man came into my life in 2006; I swear he was an angle that helped me through the darkness of death. Now at age 58 young and after saying I will never get married again. We did in August 2011. Added to my list of favorite quotes is “Never say Never”. A few of my others are “Wine me up and watch me go”, “Live life like it’s the 2 minute warning”, ”Live well, Laugh often, Love much”, “The problem with Italian food is that 2 or 3 days later you’re hungry again”, and “Laughter Music of the Heart”. I love Ellen, she has brought laughter and hope into our homes when things weren’t looking to good. Ellen’s compassion and generosity for all is exceptional. Gratefully, Debbie Frati-Hepper
Debbie Frati-Hepper
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539 days ago

Hi all,
I was in shock when I got a call from Ellen, I think Pam. I have been tiring to get tickets for the show for 4 years I am so excited! I was in the grocery store at the time and wanted to shout and DANCE AROUND. all by myself I was in tears! Thanks so much and see you April 11th.

Thanks so much for this opportunity. We Love Ellen and can't wait for the show. This is on my bucket list. Thanks again. With much love and appreciation. Debbie Frati-Hepper

Debbie Frati-Hepper
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672 days ago

So sorry to hear of your accident. I am praying for a speedy recovery. One of my favorite lines is "Attitude a little thing that makes a BIG difference" Try to stay positive and take the drugs they really help!
Lots of Love,