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Debbie Davis
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About Me I am a proud mother of 5 with 7 wonderful grandchildren. I wish I could give them my Christmas wish. To spend Christmas in the country with all of them and there be enough snow that it would count as a white Christmas. Or have my hot tub fixed.. It has been broken for 3 years and everytime I think I will have the extra money to fix it, something else comes up. even when I pick up an extra hour when I can.
Debbie Davis
Jimmy Kimmel, and a Big Announcement from Ellen!
560 days ago

my comment is gone, hmmm did I win? now that would be huge, Me, Ellen and John Travolta.To meet him in person on your show would be huge for me. Huge for everyone would be Ellen and Portia are adopting, expecting... Jimmy Kimmel there would be just to keep it from being to emotional.... What ever it is, all of Ellen fans will love it... As we love her,

Debbie Davis
Portia's a US Citizen!
563 days ago

oh wow I can't wait. huge news. hmmm someone's getting married, or someone's pregnant?no that would be big news.... Huge news, were out of the deficit. nah that would be bigger than huge... ok I got it.... I won Ellen's 12 days odd giveaways and John Travolta is going to give them to me.... omg. thatwould be ginormous..... Lohan how I wish it were Friday...... I'm waiting....... love you Ellen.....

Debbie Davis
Win All the Prizes from Day 6 of 12 Days!
591 days ago

my really must be having a blonde moment, I keep clicking on these buttons that says register for day 6, day 5, and so on. But I never find where to sign. Please tell me I am skipping something, it really isn't me. boo hoo. what a complex... Ok so maybe my being blonde keeps me out of the drawing for the 12 day give aways. Could I maybe have the gift boxes to sit on my lawn for decoration? I had some out there ( no where as big or as pretty as yours ) but 4 days of rain they are now soggy boxes and drenched bows.. Oh well to a brighter better day, they say there's a chance of some sun today. Merry Christmas Ellen.....