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Debbie Boyer
Name Debbie Boyer
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Hobbies I would love to be able to sew,clean & decorate my home. Maybe even get out side and plant some pretty flowers, like I used to.
About Me I am 58, about 6 years ago, I was admitted to the hospital with a slight case of pneumonia, 72 hours later I had a full blown case of adult resperatory distress syndrome. I was in the ICU on a resperator being flooded with every antibiotic known to man! I am now left with only 30 percent use of my lungs. I wear oxygen 24-7 and was finally able to get out of the house today. We went to JCPennys for the first time in years. We never miss your show, and you are my greatest inspiration, and it is all your energy and vitality that comes through to help us. My husband has had two brain surgeries, back in 2000. Our daughter has Cerebral Palsy, You bring laughter and smiles into our house daily.. Ellen, We just want to say Thank You , and You are truely loved. Love, from Debbie & Gary Boyer and Jennifer
Debbie Boyer
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We think you are such an amazing,giving and wonderful woman. All three of us are disabled and your show is so funny. We look forward to seeing you everyday. Thank you, Debbie Boyer, Gary Boyer and Jennifer James We love you.
I would like to tell you about ourselves. My husband Gary had a bad wreck and has had two brain surgeries. My Daughter Jennifer is 40 and has Cerebral Palsy. I have Pulmonary Fibrosis , I can only use 30% of my lungs, I am on oxygen day and night... I would not want to ask for anything for us.. But My Sister and Son could really use a little money help, and both need a car. I thank you for listening, Thank you so much Honey. Debbie Boyer