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Debbie Aycock
Name Debbie Aycock
Location Selma, Alabama
Joined 358 days ago
Hobbies Watching Ellen "dancing" love music and loving my kids and grand kids and oh yeah my husband !! Lol
About Me Just a down to earth girl "from Bama " love my state and my f.ball team nat champs !! Worked 25 years as dialysis tech and loved every second of it ' had to stop working due to back problems " and was a very sad ,sad day for me ' still in Denali over it ,but life goes on !! My job was very special to me and miss it very very much !!!
Debbie Aycock
Message from Ellen
358 days ago

You guts just don't know what it would mean to me just to meet Ellen ,I am 55 and have followed her as long as she has been on doing her thing " wow no one can make me laugh the way she can ,I can been in pain I can be sad I can depressed and as soon as I see her face I feel so much better " she a wonderful person so caring I just can't put into words how she makes my day !!! One right after another " she is amazing to me !!! I would just like to give her a big hug and thank her for being there for me when my life's "" is not so good because she makes me "" HAPPY "" !!!!! Love her !!!!