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Name debbie
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About Me Im a mom of four grown children, and two grandchildren. I have been self employed for twenty six years now come this march. I am a licensed in home child care provider.I dont have much time for myself but I love my job. I wouldn't trade it for any other.Maybe!I don't get to watch too much TV. However I do enjoy your show the most.
Win Day 6 of 12 Days!
225 days ago

Falalalala re gift re gift !!!

Howie Mandel on Underwear
590 days ago

Love Howie Please do the AC tour again!Plenty of grannies with big undies there. LOL

Win All the Prizes from Day 7 of 12 Days!
591 days ago

I wish the show was on after 4pm :(Love the full body cast.

Win All the Prizes from Day 6 of 12 Days!
592 days ago

Exhausting but fun!I just figured it out:)

Did You See, 'Homeland'?
598 days ago

never even heard of Homeland. Is it too late to check it out. It sounds good. I do live in a cave.

Know or Go: Thanksgiving Style!
599 days ago

I needed a good laugh. Know or go was the best!I lost my contact from laughing so hard. And you are evil Ellen LOL!