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Name debbie
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Hobbies Ridin 4 wheelers, swimming a lake, river or creek, boating at lake, work, kids, dogs
About Me I think I am a good person. I work at a Flower Shop and love what I do, doesn't pay much, but is really fun and rewarding. Your proud when someone likes what you have done. Have 3 daughters, two left. Ha Ha Ones married, I have four dogs and a cat that is now knocking my cell phone off the window sill because he wants out my window. Just moved to country in August. Bad Times in last 8 months...had to give up house in town, separated from husband, extremely sad but getting used to it. Have best friend that got me to watchin you in last couple years, you really are the sometimes the only laugh I will have for that day. I want to let you know you are an inspiration to the world. Keep it up!
Bethenny Frankel and Ricky Gervais
552 days ago

I dont know the cir***stances of bethennys separation, mine is a cheating husband. Nothing makes u feel more of a failure, disappointment and of just not being good enough. After 16 years he admitted to it, which i had been suspect of for a few months. We had lost a car to repo and are going thru a foreclosure, adding all that really makes you feel like a failure and embarassed in front of friends and family. I am now living in a town 11 miles from where I work. My 18 just graduated and we can't even get her a car to find a job and get back and forth to home. I am now on food stamps and trying to get rental assistance. I thank God for my landlord that has hasn't recieved rent in 3 months, she is understanding but I know she will tire of this soon. We have been split since Oct. The first two months i cried endlessly to the point of hyperventalation. I never thought I would be in this position at 48 with an 18 and 15 year old (girls). I am trying to be strong for them but it is very hard. Family and friends are nothing but mad at him, and silly me has sympathy for him for whatever (midlife) crisis he is going thru. Now he wants back but how can u trust or feel confident about yourself after that. All I think is how does she did he act to her? I am trying to be strong and smart about it, how would you trust again or know what they are really thinkig. It actually does feel like someone has died in your family. Things would never be the same as they were. After 16 years of marriage they are all you think of, every subject reminds you of something to do with him. This has really affected our 15 year old even the dogs (4) and cat and of course my self confidence. I don't know where my life will go from here it is not only scary but loney and extremely financially difficult. I'm not saying money makes things better but not having has much any more makes it even harder. Family and friends are just mad at him and tell me to get strong an go on. Yea easy to say. My strong hold has been my best friend she just tells me when you get home from work be sure to watch Ellen to be sure you have a laugh everyday and the encouragement she gives the world. I wish Bethennys show started sooner I need all the encouragement I can get these days. And Ellen you are great! Thank you for everything u do for the world! I will keep watching to at least have an hour of happiness in that day. Please anyone who reads this keep my, my girls and my dogs in your prayers for the strength to get thru this and to somehow a better life.