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Deb Patterson
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About Me a happy go lucky person even with cancer
Deb Patterson
Kellie Pickler Shaves Her Head in Solidarity
676 days ago

Kellie, you are a true sister friend and your friend is so lucky to have your support. I was diagnosed with cancer in May 2012, although it's not breast cancer, I have lung, liver, brain, and bone, I have been taking the chemo and radiation. I am kicking it's butt, that has been my goal since the diagnosis. It truly helps with family and friends to help you stay strong because in order to kick the cancer you need to be strong and with strong family ( blood or not) you can do it. I pray for all cancer victims to have the strength and support to over come!! I have so much wonderful strong family and friend support I wish that for everyone of you that has this dreadful disease too.