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Deb Hunseder
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Deb Hunseder
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
597 days ago

What I most want...A chance for my singing partner (Stephanie Callahan) of nearly 24 years to perform for Ellen and her audience. Known as Halcyon (Tampa Bay FL) we have experienced both amazing and difficult things along the way. Two examples out of thousands; singing the National Anthem in a sports area and changing for a gig in a dirty gas station bathrooms.

Ironically, the only person we ever hired as a manager lived in LA in the 90's and was supposed to get our music to Ellen because he knew she was huge music fan. We guessed it never got to her.
This would be the cherry on top on our career. She's a very hard and dedicated worker and has done so much for us to be able to make a humble living in such a difficult career choice. (Sometimes the career chooses you)
It would be the ultimate way to show her my gratitude. And I really think Ellen will dig our "chemical" harmonies.
All the best and thanks for the opportunity to write in,
Deb Hunseder