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Deb Bays
Name Deb Bays
Location findlay, ohio
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Hobbies nature,animals,boating,gardening,motorcycles,being assistance of others
About Me i am disabled nurse of 20yrs.before that i worked in a factory for 20yrs.i put myself through college while working @ the factory.i am single w/ no children,however would like to find a mate compatible for marriage! i spend a lot of time w my mother for she is getting old and will not be with me forever.i also spend a good deal of time simply providing transportation to those without a vehicle to get to appointments,grocery shop,etc.. most of the people i provide transportation for are disabled physically or family has owned/operated assisted living homes for the mentally challenged for 30+ yrs. maybe i will include more later,i am @ the library due to having a home theft of all my electronics,computer,.. and this computer is telling me i'm running out of timr for usage!
Deb Bays
Australia-Bound, Thanks to Swisse and Qantas!
502 days ago

Ellen,im trying to enter one of those downunder w you but cant seem to find right spot on here! i sure would enjoy being "abroad" as well!

Signed,Deb Bays