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Deanna Maxwell
Name Deanna Maxwell
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Hobbies Sewing, knitting, reading, hiking
About Me I am 75 and would love to travel abroad. I had my own business for 25 years, and a trusted employee, who was my bookkeeper, stole money from the company, and in order to make things right with our clients, it cost me my entire retirement and savings account. I try and stay positive, and have a small in-home hobby that morphed into a small business. I sew fleece mittens and fleece dog vests, and I also knit newborn and children's hats, that I sell at local shows here in CO and in MN. The sales supplement my social security so that I can make ends meet. My dream was always to travel to Holland and other countries in Europe. My grandparents were all born in Holland, and I would love to see it when all the tulips are in bloom. But it's difficult to save any money when I need to use everything I have to make ends meet.
Deanna Maxwell
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447 days ago

My favorite segment from this past year was Dennis Quaid doing a screen test with you telling him what to say. Absolutely hilarious!!