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Memorable Moment: Portia's First Visit
608 days ago

I just finished watching the interview with Portia and I am so thankful that I was able to see this.
This was such an important show.
I appreciate how hard this was for her to do and completely understand the depth of self loathing that Portia is feeling.
There are so many who do not truly love themselves, not only from eating disorders, but how cir***stances and life experiences chip away at their soul. Finding fault with ones appearance and striving for perfection is how so many live their lives.
The funny thing is that many are unaware of how they truly feel until someone or something opens that part for us. To look into a mirror and say "I love you" is not easy. Not something we can do and when you do it, it breaks open all the hurts sustained over our life time and we are left trying to sort through all the emotions and feelings that we never knew we had deep inside. It takes so long to get to that point of feeling ok.
Portia, you were amazing and because of this show I am sure so many women will start on their journey to healing. Thank you for opening up and sharing your most intimate feelings.
I wish you love, light and peace and to you too Ellen.