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Name DEANNA Patton
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Hobbies I love to camp hike and just enjoy the outdoors..We love to Hunt and just go tho the mountain..I love to garden, flowers.Dogs i use to breed dogs.
About Me Hi Ellen im 55 years old, have two wonderful grown boys.And a so very wonderful supportive husband 0f 34 years..I have had a bad three well 4 years health wise and he has stood by my side all the way...I love family i just love life but here lately its thrown me a huge curve ball.Funny how no one comes to help of even knows you when you need them.But i would still be there for them thats just who i am...My family no matter how terrible they can be is my life.....Love you ellen i do need a new car bad..OURS is a 1996 yukon 250,000 + miles half time doesnt run i have tons medical bills, i just need a break somewhere please......
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587 days ago

Please pick me ellen i have had a terrible year health wise,,,

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588 days ago

Hi Ellen i love you and your show the world needs more people like you in it....You bring so much cheer to me on a gloomy day...anyway i have written many times but i would love to win 12 days...Happy Holidays to you and all your staff....

You Write, Ellen Responds!
590 days ago

Hi Ellen and the Ellen Show first let me say you all are so inspirational each and every day...Love you and the show,im not going to go on and on like some about illness..but i do want to tell you my story...I would love to have all the 12 days gifts, we have had a bad two years health wise...I have the hospital going to suue us and you know people can only do what we can do...I was inthe hospital for 10days last year with a tube in my throat..4 months after that i had a knee replacement...Now i as of today have had 16 surgeries on one knee....Yes you heard me right..Well 10 months after that replacement im in again for another revision on the same knee..This was 12 weeks ago we have tons of medical bills, our car barely runs and we just need a break ELLEN PLEASE,it would mean so very much to win all the gifts ive entered many times..HAPPY HOLIDYS TO YOU AND YOURS.PLEASE, PLEASE, PICK ME!

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591 days ago

Hi Ellen i would love to win all the prizes from the 12 days, we have had a BAD year health wise many medical bills...Cant afford alot..OUR Vehicle keeps breaking down and we just need a break please...Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOURS...

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596 days ago

Hi Ellen i love you and the wonderful things you do for people...Ive written many letters to you so ill get it short i would love to get some gifts this holiday from you...I just had two knee replacements same knee and cant afford much this year so pleaseeeeeeeee.You are such a inspiration to watch.