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Dayle Thomas
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About Me I'm a children's photographer, tennis player and Portuguese Water Dog fanatic (yep, me and President Obama!) :)
Dayle Thomas
Win a Trip to Australia!
511 days ago

Ellen - my daughter has moved to Sydney a year ago and is LOVING IT - but boy do we miss each other!!! Her dad and I went a saw her in October, and I'm going again in May for some mother/daughter time - BUT I would absolutely LOVE IT if you would consider surprising her in her office (it's on The Rocks at Sydney Harbor) and give her a BIG hug and kiss from me!!! I tear up every time I think about my upcoming trip - we miss each other so much. We viber, and face time and everything else we can as much as we can - but the thought of hugging her again .... well..... again the tears. Will you hug her for me until I get there?