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Dawn Weikel
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About Me I am a 53 yr old women, I have 4 Grown Children 3grandchildren I rent my 5 room house with my boyfriend 2 dogs and 2 cats I am active with the American Cancer Society.I watch your show everyday.
Dawn Weikel
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429 days ago

Hi,Ellen just got done watching the show about the Cancer Survivor,and i cryed that is y i fight so hard to help victims ,i have been with the Relay For Life,American Cancer Society for 7 yrs and this year it is the 100TH Birthday .Stories like the one today just make me cry and smile.Smile because she won the battle and cry because she was affected. I hope this is the year we win the fight and there wont be any more cancer.I try real hard to raise money to fight the fight with different fundraisers but this year is not going too well. Our Relay is 11 day away.I live in Pa.I f u need more info plz shoot me an e-mail ty and have a good day.